Japan approves the patent behind arGrow® Granular

15 June, 2021

Japan has approved Arevos arginine-monophosphate patent WO2017/20046818 A1. The patent stands behind the arGrow® Granular success.

Arevos international patent application Bacterial growth support WO2021/091463 has also been published just recently. The patent exploits the synergy between arginine and microbes/rhizobia for enhanced biocontrol supporting plant health and growth.

Fin Forelia launches Arevos tree seedlings biostimulant in Finland

26 March, 2021

2021-03-25: Fin Forelia, Finland’s leading producer of forest tree seedlings, becomes re-seller of Arevo’s environmental friendly biostimulant arGrow® Granulat – making plants root better and grow quicker.

“This is good news for forest owners striving to make afforestations more effective without contributing to nitrogen leakage”, says Johan Grönros, Sales Director Fin Forelia.

Vinnova grants funding for development of new eco-friendly biostimulant

25 March, 2021

2021-03-10: Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency for industrial R&D, has granted Arevo funding for development of an eco-friedly biostimulant for early application in the cultivation cycle. The benefits are among other things high nitrogen use efficiency and increased yield.

In the motivation, Vinnova states i.a. : “The project builds on an innovation with significant economic potential. The project results are judged to have high potential to make a positive contribution to one or more of the goals for sustainable development in Agenda 2030.”

Arevos founder Prof. Torgny Näsholm is awarded the Marcus Wallenberg Prize

24 March, 2021

2018-04-17: Professor Torgny Näsholm is awarded the Marcus Wallenberg Prize for his groundbreaking research of the role of organic nitrogen in the nutrition of trees. The ability of boreal forests to take up atmospheric carbon dioxide and produce wood for industrial uses depends on the availability of nitrogen in the soil. Prof. Näsholm’s research program documented the ability of trees to use amino acid molecules as sources of nitrogen, and that these sources of organic nitrogen predominate in the nutrition of trees in boreal forests. His discoveries have substantial practical importance in sustainable management of forests, e.g., as plant nutrition concepts in forestry and in production of high quality seedlings in tree nurseries.

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