Our Products


arGrow® means easy to use plant nutrition.

Our arGrow® product range is based on the amino acid arginine, in some variants including the amino acid lysine. With arGrow®, the plants develop capable root systems supplying the plant with nutrients and water increasing stress-tolerance, growth and carbon capture. Because of low nitrogen leakage for arginine and lysine, the nitrogen ends up where it should be – in the plant and not in the surrounding environment!

Our products qualify as plant biostimulants and they already comply with EU from Farm-to-Fork year 2030 targets on reduced nitrogen leakage and reduced use of fertilizers!

Arevo is member of EBIC – European Biostimulants Industry Council.

Products for forestry and grass:

arGrow Granulat – for planting forest seedlings

  • Increased plant survival
  • Quick establishment and enhanced root growth
  • Healthy and strong plants growing quickly
  • Increased carbon capture

arGrow Liquid – to grow healthy forest seedlings

  • Increased root growth and mycorrhizal associations
  • Improved biomass allocation between root and shoot
  • Reduced nitrogen use because of highly reduced nitrogen leakage

arGrow Turf – nutrient for grass

  • Faster establishment and enhanced root development – better growth and healthy grass
  • Stable and long-lasting nitrogen availability
  • Very low leaching of nitrogen – easier to use and better for the environment