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Characteristics of amino acid uptake in barley

Nitrogen compounds in soil solution of agricultural land

Nitrogen fluxes at the root-soil interface show a mismatch of nitrogen fertilizer supply and sugarcane root uptake capacit

Uptake of glycine by field grown wheat

Uptake of organic nitrogen in the field by four agriculturally important plant species

Molekylära mekanismer

Amino acid transporter mutants of Arabidopsis provides evidence that a non-mycorrhizal plant acquires organic nitrogen from agricultural soi

Comprehensive Screening of Arabidopsis Mutants Suggests the Lysine Histidine Transporter 1 to Be Involved in Plant Uptake of Amino Acids

Root uptake of cationic amino acids by Arabidopsis depends on functional expression of amino acid permease 5

Transporters in Arabidopsis roots mediating uptake of amino acids at naturally occurring concentrations

Plantor och plantodling

Growth of conifer seedlings on organic and inorganic nitrogen source

Low Nitrogen Losses with a New Source of Nitrogen for Cultivation of Conifer Seedling

Organic nitrogen uptake of Scots pine seedlings is independent of current carbohydrate supply

Plant nitrogen status and co-occurrence of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources influence root uptake by Scots pine seedling

The carbon bonus of organic nitrogen enhances nitrogen use efficiency of plants


Early season dynamics of soil nitrogen fluxes in fertilized and non fertilized boreal forests

The below-ground perspective of forest plants soil provides mainly organic nitrogen for plants and mycorrhizal fungi

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Amino acid uptake a widespread ability among boreal forest plants

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Patterns of Plant Biomass Partitioning Depend on Nitrogen Source

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Uptake of organic nitrogen by plants